5 Tips to Maximize the Value of your Competitors App Trial

January 14, 2020

Getting to know your competitors’ marketing actions will help you to develop your strategies further. Based on competition activity, on what they do or don’t on different marketing channels, you can plan your next online moves and start building a strong competitive advantage.

Start Monitoring Your Competitor Digital Strategies

During the Competitors App’s 15-days free trial period, you can get into your competitors’ business and discover how they are crafting their digital strategies, on which particular channels are they being active, how often are publishing, what Ads. are running, which are their most used keywords and much more.

To make sure you’re getting the right idea of what Competitors App does and that you’re taking advantage of all features during the trial period we’re suggesting you five tips to help you to get the most of our tool during these final days.

So here are five tips to get you deeper into what Competitors App does.

1. Save The Most Important Competitors’ Items On Your Timeline

Capture your competitors’ most important items from your timeline so that you can take some final insights on their actions on different channels. Based on your needs, you can select your competitors, or if you’d like to have particular data, you can choose a specific competitor or feature and start to mark the most important items received on your timeline.

By pressing on STAR you’ll be saving the items, so you can find it more accessible into the STARTED folder. Also, if you want to see specific data gathered or saved for a certain date/period, then use the calendar.

You can save insights on competitors’ key updated, as viral Social Media posts, important newsletters, so you can get a deeper understanding of their email marketing strategies, but also key updates from their website, as price changes, CTA buttons changes, etc.

2. Uncover Your Competitors’ Ads

Have a better look at competitors’ Advertisement to capture all competitors’ PPC campaigns and to discover which are the main keywords used for their Google Ads. Also, in this feature, you can easily spot your competitors’ FB and Instagram Ads.

By uncovering your competitors’ Ads. you’ll figure out what might be working or not for your case. If you see that competition Ads. are successful, then you might look to implement something similar yourself.

3. Get To Know Your Competitors Content Strategies

Take insights from the dashboard, the section where you find comparable data so you can understand better what your competitors have done better than you over the last four weeks. You can select data only for the previous week if you want to. Here you can have an overview of your competitor’s Social Media Activity from different Social Media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and you’ll get to see exactly how many posts were published by your competitors for each network.
For this tip, I advise you to get a summary insight of what’s the most-used channel for your competitors, which network is creating the most engagement and having a look at the most viral posts that you’ve competitors have this month. Those steps will give you a better understanding of your competitors’ content based on the data seen previously on the timeline.

Also, you can have a look at your competitors’ followers and subscribers on Social Media.

4. Monitor Competitors’ Main Traffic Sources

Focus on the primary traffic sources for your competitors but also for your domain to spot which of your competitors is paying for traffic, but also to figure out if their digital strategies are giving results. For example, here, you can spot if their email strategies are successful, and competitors are receiving traffic directly from their newsletters.

On the stage, you can also check your competitors’ backlinks and see if you can spot new opportunities for your website.

5. Discover Competitors Most Used Keywords

You might want to spend those last days of trial diving deeper into your competitors’ SEO strategies, to understand their most performing keywords. On the Keywords’ dedicated page, you can get insights on the performance of your keyword. Using the filters allows you to understand better how relevant are your keywords, or if the competitors are using the same keywords as you.

I suggest you analyze the suggested keywords list on which you can find new keywords that you might be missing out at the moment. To start tracking a keyword from the list, click on it and press “Track” – it will be sent directly to your keywords list. 

That’s being said; we’re hoping you’re going to take advantage of Competitors App’s trial to gain valuable insights to use for your competitive strategies. You can try to analyze what your competitors are doing better than you, what you might be missing out: if it’s something related to the content strategy, if your email marketing strategy could be better or if you need to improve your SEO by focusing on other keywords.

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