How To Start With Customer Service For Free

March 16, 2020

Having a help desk that provides customer support is a necessity for any successful business. Providing customers with timely resolutions of their issues is a huge benefit to any company as it improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, which in turn increases revenue acquired over time. With the right software, you can start excelling in customer service (for free!) in no time.


Because technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace, customer service is expected to advance as well. It’s safe to say, that when a customer contacts customer support, they expect their issue to be resolved by the end of the interaction, and they expect the service to be quick, and hassle-free. Therefore, you should always strive to answer customer queries as quickly as possible.

Answer Requests On Time

Answering customer requests as fast as possible improves customer satisfaction and helps build loyalty towards your brand. That’s why you need to make sure you always have an agent available to answer customer queries. If you can’t have agents available 24/7, set up automated email responses that inform the customer when a support agent is going to be available.

Always Be Polite

Good attitude and politeness go a long way. Especially when it comes to customers who might be rude or demanding for no particular reason. The best thing is to always keep your cool, smile and resolve the query. All customers, even the rude ones, will appreciate a service that comes with helpful and polite people.

Appreciate Your Customers

It can be very easy to forget that your income comes from your customers. Always keep in mind that you should appreciate your customers and strive to help them with anything they might need. A good rule of thumb is to ask the extra questions, make notes of your customer’s habits or follow up on your service to find out what you can do better next time.

Go the Extra Mile & Ask Extra Questions

Show interest in your customer’s issues. We get it, sometimes it can be difficult to pretend you’re interested in the same issue over and over. However, customers do appreciate it when you show interest and ask more. Sometimes just a simple “Can I help you with anything else?” or “How fast do you need this by?” can do the trick.


Providing support gets easier if you have the right technology to support you. When customer queries arrive from various communication channels, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid that you need a good help desk software that can help you manage multiple communication channels efficiently. Lucky for you, LiveAgent offers a completely forever free ticketing software to help you get started in customer support.

Setup Free Help Desk Software

LiveAgent offers a free account that provides everything you need to get started. To get started, click this link and register for a new account. Once you login to your LiveAgent dashboard, you’ll be greeted by a “Getting Started Guide.” The guide will walk you through the entire process of connecting your email addresses and phone numbers to your LiveAgent dashboard, so you can start supporting your customers in real-time.

Insert Chat Widget On Your Website

A chat widget on your website is one of the most essential communication channels you can utilize. It allows your customers to connect with you in real-time, without having to leave your site. To add a live-chat button to your website, login to LiveAgent and click Chats on the left-hand menu. Click on Chat Buttons and then click Create. Once you’re done customizing you chat button, place it on your website using the integration code.

Setup Contact Forms

LiveAgent’s live chats are equipped with contact forms. Contact forms enable your customers to contact you even when you aren’t currently available. To start using a contact form, click Chats and Chat Buttons. Then, simply click Edit on an existing chat button and click contact forms at the very bottom. Next, create your form and click save.

Connect Your Phone Number

Connect your phone number through the configuration panel and assign call routing to specific departments. Once that’s done, calls from customers can be easily redirected to the appropriate departments based on the customer’s needs.


It’s important to organize your workflow. Make a plan for incoming requests and decide which department handles which issues. This is an individual process that varies from business to business but the core remains the same. Let’s have a look at some key things to keep in mind.

Organize Your Department

LiveAgent allows you to organize your department to ease your workflow. This means that you can easily add, remove, or transfer agents from one department to another. By setting up automation rules, you can automatically route tickets containing specific keywords to specific departments.

Prepare Templates & Predefined Answers

Customers often run into the same problems, repeatedly. Although interacting with customers directly is an important thing to do, automatizing your workflow with templates and predefined answers can save you valuable time. Create predefined answers or canned responses for some of the most common issues and requests you get from your customers. By setting up automation rules, the answers to these questions can be generated automatically, saving you tons of time.

Create FAQs

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs, are a must-have on any website that wants to empower their customers to utilize self-service. It’s a known fact that customers like to search for answers on their own before they look to customer support for help. FAQs are therefore invaluable because they save time for both your agents and customers.

Implement IVR

Setting up an interactive voice response system brings much-needed order to a help desks call center. By setting it up, you can prioritize calls better, and get relevant information from your customers before they even talk to an agent.


Always try to stay on top of all your customer queries and in control of your customer service. It can get overwhelming at times, so it’s important to stay level headed and follow proven procedures to keep trouble at bay. Let’s have a look at what you can do to prepare. 

Collect Feedback

Most customers are happy to provide you with feedback regarding your customer service. Whether the feedback is good or bad, it’s always valuable, as every interaction can show you how to improve your service.

Check Customer Satisfaction

This ties back to feedback. Customers can be difficult and some of them might be reluctant to show appreciation even if they are satisfied. Always try to find out whether the customer is satisfied and if they need any additional help. Sometimes helping even with the tiniest of things can do wonders and change the customer’s mind about your brand.

Analyze Metrics

There are a lot of categories that can be invaluable sources of information for businesses, so it’s important to keep track of the right metrics when it comes to customer support. Always keep track of your metrics to find out what your customers inquiring about the most, what products they like or don’t like, and any other information that might be useful.

Implement Takeaways

The information you gather from your interactions with your customers has no value if it doesn’t translate into actionable insights. Data that you gather can have a direct impact on your business goals and strategies, and can, therefore, determine what should change or stay the same in your company.


Getting started in customer service doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. A good free customer service software can support you and your agents by organizing and streamlining all your communication channels. Start providing excellent support for your new customers with LiveAgent, and save your software budget for other expenses.

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