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Reaching New Markets

TrialJar has teamed up with wide-ranging SaaS companies. This allows us to help tech businesses tap into markets that otherwise would not have given your services a second glance.

Zero Acquisition Costs

Attracting new customers is expensive so why not let us market your products and services for you? We fill your funnel with subscribers so you can make more sales and increase profits fast.

Build Brand Awareness

Establishing brand awareness is one of the best things you can do to promote your business and is a key step in promoting a new product or refresh an older brand.
Some companies that adopt 12 months access to their products

Lifetime vs Trial Deals

When your membership base fills up with lifetime members, you increase focus on acquisition and acquiring more lifetime members – instead of trying to please current members.

When customers join for your lifetime membership, you will have around half of the active members that not contributing to long-term revenue. Over the short term that is not an issue, but over a decade you will have countless members with no revenue contribution.

This means you will be expected to create new services and products for members who have not paid you in years. When you do make new products or innovative services, these members will be expecting instant access automatically – no questions asked. In addition, customers may not be incentivized to upgrade their plan, product or service with you.

Lifetime Deal

· Product cost: $240 per year
· Lifetime deal: 80% ($49 one time)
· Your Profit (30%): $14.70 per sale
· 1000 users/accounts: $14,700
· Active users: 500 accounts

Monthly Expenses (5%)

· 1 year expenses: $1,200
· 5 year expenses: $6,000
· 10 year expenses: $12,000

If your goal is to get some funds for your brand, then lifetime deals might be a good idea.

Trial Deal

· Product cost: $240 per year
· Trial: 1 year free
· Renewal Discount: 60% OFF ($96)
· Trial accounts: 1000 users
· Renewal users: 100 accounts

Monthly Profits

· 1 year expenses: $9,600
· 5 year expenses: $48,000
· 10 year expenses: $96,000

If you’re looking to build brand awareness, then you don’t have to offer lifetime deals anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users create multiple accounts?
The system provides only one code per product and the second code won’t be generated for the same user.
Can users sign up after after the deal is over?
The system provides a redemption code for each user which needs to be redeemed within 20 days from the date that the code was provided.
Is account renewal discount required?
Based on my experience, account renewals discount works the best as users know their next step and they won’t hunt for other deals. However, it’s totally optional.
What is commission?
There is no commission! The account renewal happens on the our partner side, which the partner will get to keep.
How do I know if my product is the right fit?
Please contact us at [email protected] and provide the details of your product. We will go through your application and get back to you within 2 business days.

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