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Why is the membership Free?
The Covid-19 crisis is currently affecting the way we live and work. As a response to the crisis, our mission is to help hundreds of thousands of businesses so that’s why we have made TrialJar absolutely free to join.
How does it work?
Each deal comes with the instruction. Most deals need to be activated within 30 days from the date that the code was generated.

We suggest not to unlock the deal if you are not planning to redeem the code within 30 days. It’s up to our partners to activate your active if your code is expired.

Why the code is not redeemable?
Most deals need to be activated within 30 days to make sure the code is active. For issues with the redemption process contact the deal support company.

If you find not redeemable code, please report this to us, so we can either fix it or remove the listing.

How can I help?
If you like the mission we started, feel free to spread the world and invite your friends to join TrialJar.

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